On November 13, 2013, WikiLeaks published a draft of the intellectual property chapter of the secretive trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). The text indicates that the United States is pushing an intellectual property maximalist agenda that would ratchet up IP restrictions globally while locking United States law into place (and furthermore, might actually change US law in some instances).

Civil society organizations have been warning the public about the TPP for some time, but their efforts were stymied by a lack of access to the negotiations or to the confidential text. Now that the draft is available for all the view, it is clear that the TPP poses problems for access to medicine, access to information, and the future of the internet itself.

This site is intended to provide an informative, organized list of resources on the TPP. In particular, it sorts legal analyses by issue addressed, making it easier for a reader to parse the text of the agreement.


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