Legal Analysis: full list

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(links are ordered most recently added first)

Ellen Shaffer and Joe Brenner, Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health: “Intellectual Property Chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, Tobacco, and Public Health”  [patent]

Swaraj Paul Barooah, Spicy IP (De-coding Indian Intellectual Property Law): “Wikileaked! Leaked IP Chapter of TPP shows that US could be an IP Terrorist”  [copyright/internet, patent]

Infojustice: Analysis of the Text of the Leaked TPP Intellectual Property Text Dated August 2013 [IMPORTANT] [similar table / index of legal analyses; this list will eventually include everything also included in this table]

Jeremy Malcolm, Digital News Asia: Asian countries battle IP ‘maximalism’ in leaked TPP chapter [trademarks, patents, copyright/internet]

Annotated RapGenius Text — legal analyses added as annotations to the text, provision-by-provision [VERY IMPORTANT]:

Alberto Cerda, Derechos Digitales: “El TPP encarecerá el acceso a la cultura y la salud”  [copyright/internet] [Spanish language]

Alberto Cerda, Derechos Digitales: “El TPP empeorará la protección de la vida privada en Internet”  [privacy] [Spanish language]

J. Carlos Lara, Derechos Digitales: “El capítulo sobre Propiedad Intelectual del TPP: las polémicas persisten” — expanded subanalyses below  [Spanish language]

Francisco Vera, Derechos Digitales: “El TPP es una renegociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio con Estados Unidos”  [copyright/internet] [Spanish language]

Alberto Cerda, Derechos Digitales: “El TPP incrementará costos y aumentará la inefectividad del Sistema Penal”  [copyright/internet] [Spanish language]

Derechos Digitales: “Todo lo que tienes que saber del capítulo filtrado del TPP en Wikileaks”  [copyright/internet] [Spanish language]

Michael Geist: “Leaked TPP Text Confirms Countries Had Plenty to Hide”  [copyright/internet]

Susan Sell, Washington Post, The Monkey Cage: “Five key questions – and answers – about the leaked TPP text”  [copyright/internet, patent]

Sherwin Siy, Public Knowledge: “Wikileaks Shows What’s New—and What’s Old—About the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement”  [copyright/internet]

Kimberlee Weatherall: “TPP – Australian Section-by-Section Analysis of the Enforcement Provisions of the August Leaked Draft”  [copyright/internet, patent, trade secrets]

Angela Daly, Inside Story: “What will the Trans-Pacific Treaty Agreement mean for copyright?”  [copyright/internet]

Unitaid: “Unitaid Concerned that TPP Negotiations Undermine Public Health Goals.”  [patent]

Michael Geist: “The Trans Pacific Partnership IP Chapter Leaks: The Battle Over Internet Service Provider Liability”  [copyright/internet]

Margot Kaminski, Yale Law School Information Society Project, Concurring Opinions: “The TPP and Copyright”  [copyright/internet]

James Love, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI): “KEI analysis of Wikileaks leak of TPP IPR text, from August 30, 2013”  [patent, copyright/internet, trademark]

Maira Sutton & Parker Higgins, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): “TPP Leak Confirms the Worst: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Internet Freedoms” [copyright/internet]

Public Citizen (mega analysis): “WikiLeaks Publishes Secret TPP Text” — factsheets:

Analyses of the 2011 text

These are mega-analyses based on the 2011 text. Much of these analyses still hold true, and will likely be soon updated to reflect changes in the 2013 leak. They will be moved up to the main section at that point.

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Trans-Pacific Partnership

Public Knowledge, The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Mainstream Coverage

These articles contain substantive information about the TPP text, but are not quite resources for legal analysis. “Se Filtró el Texto de TPP. Esto Dice.”  [copyright/internet] [Spanish language]

Glyn Moody, TechDirt: “TPP IP Chapter Leaked, Confirming It’s Worse Than ACTA”  [copyright/internet]

Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica: “Secret treaty leaks, Mexico wants copyright extended even more than US does”  [copyright/internet]

Timothy B. Lee, Washington Post, The Switch: “Leaked treaty is a Hollywood wish list. Could it derail Obama’s trade agenda?” [copyright/internet]


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